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We're starting a Skye community conversation to discover the key car journeys residents make that we could replace with active travel options
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We're starting a Skye community conversation to discover the key car journeys residents make that we could replace with active travel options

An introduction to our project

You can take part

How to get involved?

We’re asking local Skye residents to help us highlight key places, services and destinations that would like to reach by cycling, walking or using other wheeled transport without needing to take the car.

We want you to submit your ideas on specifically where you think there is potential to develop existing routes or to create new cycling and walking routes. The more specific you can be the better.

Use your Imagination

We’re looking for you to use your imagination to come up with better route options for cyclists and walkers. Where possible these new access ways will be away from traffic. They should link neighbourhoods, community hubs, local services, local people and visitor attractions.

You might know of existing disused or overgrown paths & old roads that could be upgraded for bikes, pedestrians, walkers & wheelchairs. Anywhere you see a lot of traffic, think of better ways a cyclist or walk might get there with the creation of a more direct traffic free path. 

Examples of Potential Ideas

– From your local neighbourhood, across a field to the local shops; 

– A woodland route between a church and a community hall;

– You might even want to see new car-free access to historic places, viewpoints, venues & places to eat;

– An old disused path or road from your area to an historic place of interest;

– We would be pleased to hear from all places of work and accommodation providers to submit ideas that provide better cycling and walking access for their staff to get to work and as facilities for guests. 

Share your Local Knowledge

Your local knowledge of potential new routes is vital to the success of our Skye wide project. You know better than anyone what barriers exist that make journeys difficult on foot or by bike. Maybe there is currently no usable paths in your area or there is too much traffic to travel safely without a car. 

This information – collected from the community – will be gathered together to direct our team to areas for surveying and potential development of cycling and pathways away from traffic. 

Connect Communities

You may know of potential routes that could be created or redeveloped to connect different communities together. These links may help bring residents and visitors together in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way. 

have Fun!

Go out and explore. Get together with family and friends plot out a route you’d all like to useSpend a day with your kids investigating new ways to get to your favourite places. 

Keeps your eyes peeled as you journey around and imagine how much happier and healthier it would be to be connected by a walking and cycling pathways within and between all of Skye’s communities. 

download a map of your area and Draw your route

or find out other ways to submit ideas