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The best way to submit an idea is to download a map of your location, draw your idea and send it to us. But there are other ways to take part too!
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The best way to submit an idea is to download a map of your location, draw your idea and send it to us. But there are other ways to take part too!

Submission tutorial video

Sharing your ideas

We’ve made sharing your ideas easy. The only guideline we ask is that you try to be as specific as possible on the exact location of your proposed route. By pinpointing exact locations we are able to accurately survey the potential routes you identify.

Check out the submission methods below

Download the map of your area here.

Draw on the map the route you would like to see. This could also highlight an old road or paths that could be redeveloped to provide better access. Any route that reduces the need for car travel is exactly what we are looking for.

You can print the map and draw your route by hand or you can use your computer. Feel free to highlight any areas of interest, community hubs, or potential hazards on your proposed route.

Once you’ve completed your drawing – take a picture/scan of it and email or post it to us.

Email – cycleproject@skye-connect.com

Address:  The Old Croft House, 6 Carbost, Skeabost Bridge, Portree, IV51 9PD

Have a look at this example here to see the type of route map we are looking for.

Feel free to use other available maps you are more familiar with, such as Google or Apple Maps. You can place pins on these maps at locations you’d like to see route development.

Please include a short description of your proposal along with the link to your map. You can then share the link to your map with us via email, through Instagram or Facebook.

Email – cycleproject@skye-connect.com

Take photographs of any areas you think a paths could be redeveloped or created. Be sure to include the exact location when you you send your picture in.  

Email these photographs to us making sure you highlight any areas that may be difficult to access.

Email – cycleproject@skye-connect.com

You might already be running or walking and tracking your routes using a phone app showing where you’ve been.

Why not track yourself walking or running your proposed new route, and email it into us.

You can export your mapped walks and runs as a .gpx file and send it to us or just take a screenshot of your app and send it in.

Email – cycleproject@skye-connect.com

Send us a message or leave a comment with your suggestions on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Heres a link to our Instagram and Facebook for you to keep up with developments and share your ideas – Instagram & Facebook

Friend or family not fans of tech? No problem. Write (or email) us and we’ll have maps sent to your address.

Email – cycleproject@skye-connect.com

When your ready you can send this back in to us at this address

The Old Croft House

6 Carbost

Skeabost Bridge


IV51 9PD

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